DMHWC mission is to provide transitional housing to homeless single women and women with children. We seek to promote self-esteem, self-confidence and advanced training empowering each participant.


Helping single women and women with children get from homelessness to self-sufficiency.


Dorothy Mae Hall Women's Center (DMHWC) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity that aims to empower the invisible populations of Wake, Johnston, Wilson, Nash and Edgecombe Co in North Carolina. We provide basic needs and enrichment services to women, children, and families living in extreme poverty and facing seemingly insurmountable barriers. DMHWC provides transitional housing and support services to homeless women and families. DMHWC offers homeless individuals more than a place to live; DMHWC provides a foundation to help them rebuild their lives by implementing the holistic approach. DMHWC provides a safe, supportive and constructive environment. The supplemental supports these participants receive from professional staff and volunteer efforts are the cornerstone for their success. DMHWC is designed to work with each family, individually, to help the family develop a measurable and achievable service plan, which addresses the root causes of homelessness. The Dorothy Mae Hall Women's Center program is designed to: -Empower homeless single women and families with children to attain self-sufficiency -Systematically address the multiple barriers in the paths of single women and homeless families -End the cycle of homelessness


Freda Bullock is the Founder and Executive Director of Dorothy Mae Hall Women’s Center (DMHWC). Ms. Bullock founded DMHWC in an effort to give back to the community after observing the lack of resources; including affordable housing for low- income families. She recognized that by empowering families, help to foster positive growth within our communities.

Ms. Bullock earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Public Health from North Carolina Central University.

Freda has over twenty years experience working as an accomplished Case Manager, Counselor, and Community Organizer with adults, youth and families. Freda is at ease working with cross-cultural individuals with wide –range of needs. She has been a successful liaison with State and Federal agencies and catalyst for community services to increase availability of community awareness, relief and care plans.

You will find Ms. Bullock to be an honest, versatile, dedicated, passionate professional with a genuine love for people. She thoroughly enjoys working with and helping others.


Dorothy Mae Hall , 1942-1999, Love for others with godly wisdom, boldness, and kindness as a faithful completer of others....

Dorothy Mae Hall Women's Center is honored to bear the name of a compassionate, kind missionary who began her life in low country Midway, Georgia.

Mrs. Hall was blessed with an extraordinary ability to connect with people. This gift served her well throughout her too-brief life, not only in her relationships with family and friends, but also in her career as a health care worker. Over the years, she worked with the elderly, homebound, abused, and people trying to find their way.

For more than three decades, Dorothy Mae served her community as a missionary. Dorothy was constantly aware of pride and selfishness. She did not think less of self but thought of herself less. She showed true beauty while she was alive. Even though her body has deteriorated; she made investments that would last an eternity.

All who knew Dorothy Mae knew they had a true friend for life, and that she would be loyal and supportive, no matter the circumstances. Dorothy Mae exemplified the ideals of Dorothy Mae Hall Women's Center, which strives to instill hope in and provide direction for hurting, children and their families